Dataway — My Honest Review: Scam or Legit and How To Get Free 1GB Data + Earn Upto N200,000 and 50Gig Data Monthly

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Today I want to let you know about Dataway and how you can make a huge income out of it. You Can Earn Upto N200,000 and 50Gig Data Monthly on Dataway. If you missed Recharge and get paid then don’t miss Dataway.

What Is Datatway?
Dataway is a vending platform that offers virtual products such as mobile data/airtime, internet subscriptions, bill payment, electricity, Cable TV, and more.

Dataway also provides earning opportunities to their subscribers with extra cash of 50% referral commission + Free internet data and monthly rewards. Dataway is owned by Unique Way Enterprise. A registered company under CAC BN — 3175683.

In this 21st century of the digital age, everyone needs mobile data to access the internet. As we have millions of people who use the internet daily, spend time on social media, and use productive apps and websites, the same way we have millions of users who consume a lot of internet data daily.

It has gotten to the point that most of us can’t do without internet data anymore. Most especially people like us, internet marketers, and social media addicts. While some of us use internet data to work and make a living, many people need internet data to browse social media, watch videos, comedy skits, have fun, and while away time.

Data is life, and we all need it every day. I recently posted on my Facebook wall about using over 4–5Gb data to work on the internet daily, so my major monthly bill is an internet data subscription. I spend a lot on data monthly because my work requires it. It takes almost 20% of my income monthly, but the good news is that Dataway comes to my rescue.

Isn’t that amazing?

I was hunting a new unique affiliate platform to promote and earn some extra cash. So here comes Dataway, offering more than making extra cash and providing the opportunity to get internet data for free.

The affiliate system idea on Dataway is amazing. Imaging me subscribing for the internet data as usual on the Dataway platform, while I also refer other subscribers to patronize them. Doing so, earns me ₦1,000 referral commission + 1GB extra data bonus. WOW!

Imagine if I can be recruiting up to 10 subscribers to Dataway daily to earn me 10k cash + 10Gb data every day. This is real WAWU. With this plan, never will I spend more money buying data for the time being as long as I keep promoting Dataway and getting more referrals.

Not only that, Dataway offer more reward to subscribers with an active subscription for several months and also top monthly referral reward including cash bonus, more extra data, free gadgets like mobile phone and laptop, electronics and home appliances as an incentive. Fantabulous!

I have been subscribing for data on MTN monthly, grossing the company some millions over the years, but I have never been reward by those telecom companies for once. Nevertheless, here comes Dataway with a bountiful mouth-watering offer that will be difficult to resist.

Who is the owner of Dataway, and how legit is it?

Dataway is own by a joint venture of AMMG group and Unique Way Enterprise. A registered company under CAC BN — 3175683 with physical offices and even outlets across the country. Dataway payout commission upon withdrawal between few minutes to 24 hours.

This time around you are not reading the news and that stuff!, We are dealing with Data right here! No one who uses a smartphone can live without data…so that’s the angle;

This is the earning procedure:

Firstly, you know that, it’s a data vending platform where you can access affordable airtime and data purchase + other bill payment, including electricity, cable TV-like, DSTV/GOTV, Internet subscription, and other merchant products and services.

But come on, that’s not what interests me, I have no business with that for God’s sake. I’m more interested in the earning opportunity;

Like how ? can we earn with this?

These are the earning opportunities and they are really unique; I haven’t come across this type before, am so excited and it’s the reason am sharing this with you too, so you can benefit from it.

I first doubt the platform, but I later discovered that Dataway really offered a genuine and profitable way for Nigerians to earn extra cash and also get free data. It’s real and legit platform, and it’s 100% recommended for anyone to try.”

How To Register

To participate in Dataway affiliate earning opportunity costs ₦2,000 monthly subscriptions. This is the same amount of money you use in subscribing to internet data monthly. Another exciting part of Dataway is that, it’s not like an investment platform we have seen before, not a pyramid scheme, not MLM or Ponzi scheme.

To register your account “click here now

It’s a straightforward platform as you get value for your money instantly. At the same time, Dataway offers you an opportunity to earn with instant affiliate/referral commission paid to your bank account without delay. You can register and subscribe by paying online or using an e-pin. In addition, you can visit any of the outlets near you to register offline.

To find out more details about how it works and the list of their location, WhatsApp me on +2348067556263

The platform was newly launched, and this is the perfect time to get involved, participate and take advantage of this earning system before it becomes flooded. To register and subscriber while you start making extra cash with free data, follow this registration link to register.

To register your account “click here now

Fill in your details, choose your method of payment and agree to the terms, and click subscribe, once you are subscribed, you will be given free 2Gig just for activating your account

Don’t miss this, join us today

Benefits Of This Program!!!
Dataway vending platform is built for both resellers and subscribers, while they offer earning opportunities and affordable services to Nigerians. Anyone can purchase and resell any of our products, including mobile data/airtime and bill payment.

They have a fixed subscription fee of only ₦2,000 monthly for our subscribers who wish to become our affiliate and participate in the earning opportunities with the below plan. This is where the Banga is, just like the way you subscribe monthly for data but get nothing in return, use dataway for all your data subscription, airtime, etc and experience cool income in Dataway

1st Month Subscription 2000MB cost ₦2,000

On your first Month’s subscription, they offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 2000 megabytes/2GB. At the same time, your referral gets a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and a 1000 megabyte/1GB data bonus. If you also choose to promote it and refer more subscribers to dataway, you will also earn a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and 1GB extra data per referral only on MTN service for now.

2nd Month Subscription 4000MB cost ₦2,000

On your renewal for a second-month subscription, they will offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 4000 megabyte/4GB, while your referral gets a 1000 megabytes/1GB data bonus. If you also refer a subscriber to it who renews his or her subscription, you will also get 1GB extra data only on MTN service for now.

From 3rd Month Subscription 6000MB cost ₦2,000

  • From your renewal of a third-month subscription and beyond*, dataway will offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 6000 megabyte/6GB, which is the actual value for your subscription fee of ₦2,000 monthly. This is more affordable than buying a 6GB data bundle directly from MTN, costing you ₦2500 valid for 30 days.

Summary and benefits

– Subscription fee monthly ₦2,000

– Subscribers earns ₦1,000 referral commission + 1GB data bonus when they refer more subscriber to Dataway

– Subscribers will get an additional 1GB data bonus for inviting each subscriber to participate.

Dataway offers a top referral monthly cash bonus between 10k to 100k

Dataway offers more juicy rewards for active monthly subscribers, including cash bonuses, gadgets, and home appliances giveaways.
This is what telecom companies won’t give you, even when you have been active subscribing millions with them.

Dataway gives access to cheap purchase of data/airtime and reselling, including other bill payment services. And lots more!

Dataway 1GB data bundle on MTN is sold at the rate of 250 naira only, and all our data bundles are valid for 30 days. Including cheaper and more affordable data subscriptions on other networks and bill payment services.

See What I got On Dataway In Less Than 3 days

See What I got On Dataway In Less Than 3 days

N10,000 cash and 12Gig already, by God's grace, I will never buy airtime or data on any other portal again than dataway, I will always be using dataway to subscribe, this is cool, I make money when I subscribe.

This is one of the best income opportunities. When I joined this program three days ago, I just posted it on my Facebook, and to my shock, 10 people joined that same day, which gave me 10k guys, I have already invited all my family and relatives already, as at now I have up to 50k in my account, in fact, I have made up my mind to invite at least 3 people each day, this way, I will be making nothing less than 200k and more than 50 gig monthly.

Click here to Join Dataway, My friend, don’t let DATAWAY opportunity pass you by!!!

To register your account click here now

Fill in your details, choose your method of payment and agree to the terms, and click subscribe, once you are subscribed, you will be given free 2Gig just for activating your account. Don’t miss this guy, join us today

When all is done, you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register/subscribe and get started on Dataway?
Subscription is ₦2,000 monthly, you can subscribe and make payment online or purchase a subscription e-pin by making payment to the official account.

How long will it take to get data after purchase/request or subscription?
Delivery is almost instant after payment confirmation.

How can I check my data balance?
You can check your data balance using *461*4#

How much is the minimum commission withdrawal?
You can withdraw your referral commission from ₦1,000 and above

How long will it take to get credited to the bank account after withdrawal?
The payout process is almost instant. You will get credited within few minutes to 24 hours depending on the transaction network.

Can I resell my data bonus and make more money?
Yes, you can resell your data or gift anyone. Just request any number you wish and it will be credited within few minutes.

What if my subscription expires, can still buy airtime and data + other bill payment?
Yes. You can do other purchases and even refer other subscribers.

Are multiple accounts allowed?
Yes, anyone can register multiple accounts as they wish.

Can I register with a different network sim card?
Yes, that is not an issue at all.

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