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12 min readJan 27, 2021

I’m sure you’ve seen him. That guy who sits in his garage wearing a hoodie with his Lamborghini in the background that interrupts your Youtube videos every 5 minutes promising to show you how an average Joe on Instagram buys products from Aliexpress, models them and then flogs them to their followers and makes easy cash.

This man is called Alex Becker and he’s an internet marketer. Some might say he’s an expert marketer as he spends thousands of dollars every day promoting his ads to get people to buy his drop shipping course called H-Com 2020.


From there you’re into the sales funnel with a whole range of products and services on offer that can take your business to the next level.

It sounds too good to be true, but can you actually make money or is it another scam?

This course has been around for some time now but it is still getting some attention and I thought i’d do a review on it. After all, I respect Alex Becker and have bought quite a few products in the past including this one.

Is this right for you though or does is suck and cost too much? Let’s find out.

What Is H-Com 2020?

H Com 2020 is an eCommerce drop shipping course that claims to teach you how to start a Shopify store on Shopify. You’ll learn everything there is do know about branding, digital marketing, email marketing, print on demand and traffic generation.

If you’ve clicked on one of his ads, you’ll have gone through to the fake webinar that happens to be starting a few minutes from now. If you sit through until the end you’ll find out the course costs $1,997 or 5 x payments of $997.


The course claims to be newbie friendly but at that price there are many alternatives out there that would be much less of a blow on your wallet should you signup.

Who is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker is an internet marketer and he makes money through his software called Market Hero. It’s no secret that Alex promotes his Shopify course to get people in through the door at $1,997 to up sell them on his $97 per month email marketing software.

You see once you start using an email marketing platform it’s nearly impossible to change. I’ve watched many Alex Becker videos where he shows his entire sales funnel which involves getting people on the course and up selling his software programs.

Regardless of his sales funnel, Alex does know his stuff and talks a big game. His teaching style is pretty entertaining and if you like a bit of character you definitely won’t go wrong with his method and his tone of voice.

When he’s not sitting in his garage with his Lambo you’ll find him at live events, workshops and travelling.

H-Com 2020 Review

I suggest you look past the endless testimonials and screenshots on the sales page.

If you have the money to spend and simply want to know what’s inside the course, then this review will give you the perfect run down on what you can expect and whether it’s worth the hefty price tag.

The course features content from Alex Becker alongside two other marketers, Devin Zander and Matt Schmidt who are both well known marketers.


Matt is the partner and chief eCom expert of SMAR7 apps which offers many premium apps for your Shopify store. His wealth was created through paid traffic ads and print on demand products.

The course is split up into a ten week course with nine weeks of full on content and a bonus week at the end. This bonus content includes the exclusive apps that you would normally have to pay for yourself. Of course they are developed by SMAR7.

Other bonus content includes a video marketing influencer course, high ticket webinar selling techniques video and exclusive monthly webinars. You also get a free t-shirt. That’s nice of them given the price.

You also get access to Market Hero free for six months. Remember I said you get upsold on this product. Well after six months you’ll find it difficult to leave so you’ll probably end up paying $99 per month to keep your access.

Lastly you get access to the H-Com mastermind group which is a group you can access your coaches and get help from other members of the course. It’s claimed this is one of the most elite Shopify Facebook mastermind groups online.

H-Com 2020 Course Content

Alex Becker isn’t even in 90% of the training. He does the front end selling and the two dudes from SMAR7 go through the content. If this doesn’t set off your alarm bells already then you’ll also be inclined to note there is only Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Week 1: Intro to Shopify

The first week allows you to get started right away by simply creating a product and an ad.

You will also learn how to pick products, spot the newest trends and products to sell. You’ll also learn how to build your store for conversions and ensure your ad copy is up to scratch.


Week 2: Choosing Perfect Products

This week shows you how to focus on picking killer products and how to source products with no cost to you (Aliexpress). You’ll learn how to scale winning products and how to get a higher conversion rate.

There’s videos on where to find products aside from Aliexpress and there’s also a video on print on demand.

The module is super short and includes minimal information.

Week 3: Making Addicting Offers

This week is a little misleading by the title. It’s all about designing a store that converts well.

Videos in this module include getting your logo made, picking the right color scheme and editing your home page. You’ll also learn how to optimize your product pages, create inner store pages and installing trust pages.


The videos are super short, 4–13 minutes in length but they are over the shoulder and provide good insights into how to start your store.

Week 4: Branding

You’ll learn how to create a brand by creating logos, sales materials and sites people love. You’ll learn through the relatively short branding video (27 minutes) how to use brands to increase conversions and net returns sales.

You’ll learn how to create ads and product descriptions that potential customers will get interested in.

Week 5: Ad Targeting Master Class

This week you’ll learn everything there is to know about Youtube and Facebook Ads.

Videos include ad targeting, finding audiences, power editor targets and scaling techniques.

If you compare the content to other courses that offers 50+ Facebook and Instagram Ad videos, it’s very basic stuff in this course.

You do get access to see winning examples that have blown up stores and ads that have been very successful.


Week 6: Advertising Master Class Part 2

This week you’ll learn upsales, downsells and abandoned carts and what to do with them.

You’ll learn how to get people to buy more and convert higher. You’ll also learn retargeting and marketing to them.

Week 7: Instagram Influencer Partnership

This module focuses on Instagram Influencers and how to run contests to create mass brand awareness and how to work with Instagram celebrities to get them to promote and sell your products for you.

It’s actually quite a good module but you’ll need $$$ to invest in such practices.

Lastly, there is videos on how to use smaller Instagram influencers and how to handle the entire process.


Week 8: eCommerce Email Marketing

This module focuses on using sales funnels and emails to send emails to get them to spend more. There is done for you email scripts, triggers and of course the six months free Market Hero platform that will handle everything for you.

Very convenient.

Week 9: Analytics & Tracking

Lastly is a few videos on knowing your numbers and scaling your store. You’ll learn how to number crunch to ensure you’re getting the highest ROI for your store.


Exclusive Apps

You get access to the following apps:

  • SMAR7 Bundle Upsell
  • SMAR7 Express Fulfillment Automation
  • SMAR7 Scarcity Countdown Timer.

H-Com 2020 Verdict

It’s no secret that Alex Becker runs these ads to get people into this course. From those sales they pay for his ad costs. He then makes money when your 6 months expires on Market Hero and you’re forced to take a monthly plan of $99 per month.

The course content in H-Com 2020 is super short and I cannot recommend a course that costs $1,997 for such little content. Alex Becker doesn’t even feature in most of the videos. He’s the sales pitch boy, SMAR7 actually run the course. That’s pretty deceptive from the sales page.


If you compare this course to other eCom courses out there, it’s lacking in so many areas. Remember just because you buy an expensive course, doesn’t mean you have a business. You need to spend the exact same money on your store as someone who bought a cheaper course.

You’re going to need need a store, theme and a decent ad budget. Would you rather have a ton of money in the bank ready to invest in your business or blow it all on a flashy looking course that under delivers?


  1. Kenny MARCH 23, 2019
  2. This was freaking excellent. You explained the course extremely well while also providing your recommended alternative. I literally have no questions after reading, so thank you!
  3. Reply
  • Drew MARCH 24, 2019
  • Thanks for your comment Kenny! Glad to hear you liked my review.
  • Reply
  1. travis APRIL 2, 2019
  2. Great review. You saved me having to watch 3 hours of video sales to get the same information!!
  3. Reply
  1. Rajin APRIL 4, 2019
  2. Can you recommend a better course for a cheaper price?
  3. Reply
  • Drew APRIL 4, 2019
  • Yes Rajin — it’s Ecom Elites. My review link is at the bottom of this article so you can check it out to see what you get. Hope that helps!
  • Reply
  1. Mark APRIL 22, 2019
  2. I like Becker as well. Watched his pitch on HCOM. Looked good but couldn’t pull the trigger when he finally gave us the price. Ill check out Ecom Elites.
  3. Reply
  • Drew APRIL 23, 2019
  • Agreed Mark. I’ve bought plenty of other products from him in the past too. He has good stuff but I think this course is overpriced. Can’t go wrong with Ecom Elites!
  • Reply
  1. steve MAY 8, 2019
  2. Your a quality man Drew!
    Many thanks
  3. Reply
  • Drew MAY 8, 2019
  • Thank you Steve! Cheers
  • Reply
  1. Drew MAY 12, 2019
  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for checking out my site and info on Ecommerce. I have more info on Ecom here that you can check out — https://drews-review.com/category/ecom/.
    Hope that helps!
  3. Reply
  1. Jace MAY 19, 2019
  2. Thanx Drew!!! I was really excited about the course & programs Alex was offering — until he gave the price at the end of the presentation which didn’t suit my current circumstances. I’ll definitely check out Ecom Elites as well as an alternative in the meantime.
  3. Reply
  • Drew MAY 19, 2019
  • You’re welcome Jace. I’m sure you will be impressed with content on Ecom Elites. I do a video walk-thru inside the course as well that you can find on the review page.
  • Reply
  1. Nathan JUNE 5, 2019
  2. Can you now do a review on Alex’s new program HCOM 3030?
  3. Reply
  • Drew JUNE 5, 2019
  • Hi Nathan, I am looking into this.
  • Reply
  1. Trung JULY 2, 2019
  2. This very review saved me from buying the wrong course. I found the information helpful and it was in a language that I could understand. In return for the value you are giving me, I’m using your link to buy Hatchet’s course. I am grateful!
  3. Reply
  • Drew JULY 2, 2019
  • Hey Trung,
    Glad I saved you too! There’s no need to drop 2K on an eCom course when you have eCom Elites that is actually a better course! It’s a no-brainer and I do hope others find this review as well. I wish you the best success in your venture and thank you!
  • Reply
  1. Lucas AUGUST 3, 2019
  2. I’ve been watching a lot of videos like the ones you showed us on here and I really want to get into this, but I literally have no experience with much of anything. I’m just on the fence because I really want to put in the work to start a business, but I feel like I’m aiming in the dark… any suggestions??
  3. Reply
  • Lucas AUGUST 4, 2019
  • Oh yes, I was referring to the video that was on this page. Thank you for your time giving me something to start off with!
  • Reply
  • Drew AUGUST 4, 2019
  • Anytime! Just take your time and choose something you like and will stick with. Don’t chase the money at first. That will come in time.
  • Reply
  1. Londa SEPTEMBER 4, 2019
  2. Hi Drew,
  3. Do you think the addition of the VMA and Blackfile video info is worth the price of Alex’s course? Is eCom Elites as thorough of a course and does it offer the mentorship of H-com?
  4. Reply
  • Drew SEPTEMBER 4, 2019
  • Hi Londa, i’ll have to look into that first part. Ecom Elites has more than Hcom with over 200 videos of instruction now. It also has a mentorship program as well, yes. One thing to understand is true success comes from taking action and applying what you learn. Based on the courses I still believe Ecom Elites has an edge over 2020 and is far more affordable. The savings can be put to better use such as ads. Hope that helps.
  • Reply
  • Londa SEPTEMBER 5, 2019
  • Thank you Drew! It is very helpful. I was looking into DSL also. So many options 🙂 You’re site is really helpful. Is the price tag the only reason why you suggest eCom Elites above the rest?
  • Reply
  • Drew SEPTEMBER 5, 2019
  • Hi Londa,
    If eCom Elites was the same price as the higher priced options i’d still recommend it over them. Franklin has it priced very low and the content is outstanding. It’s pretty impressive what you’ll learn.
  • Reply
  1. Mayank Thadaniey FEBRUARY 15, 2020
  2. Can i run this business model if i situated in india?
  3. Reply
  • Drew FEBRUARY 15, 2020
  • Absolutely. You can run a dropshipping business anywhere and target US customers which is advisable.
  • Reply

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