If you buy data to browse the Internet daily, then you should subscribe to Dataway and stop wasting money

#Dataway offers more value and the following benefits unlike other platforms with excessive charges without any reward.

1️⃣ You will get access to earning opportunities on Dataway as a subscriber. 💰💸💲💶💵

2️⃣ Access to more affordable airtime and data purchase cheaper from direct telecoms companies without excess charges and discounted price + other bill payment services including electricity, cable TV, like DSTV/GOTV, Internet subscription, and other merchant products and services.

3️⃣ Access to a reseller option, you can be a vendor to resell and make more profit using resellers tools and API .

4️⃣ Dataway gives more rewards including more bonuses, giveaway cash, gadgets, and different gift items to active and long-time loyal subscribers from time to time.

5️⃣ Access to 2000MB MTN SME data on your first-month subscription.

6️⃣ Access to 4000MB MTN SME data upon renewal for the second-month subscription.

7️⃣ Access to 6000MB MTN SME data upon renewal for the third-month subscription and beyond. And lots more gift items and cash bonuses as you continue your monthly subscription.

Referral is optional!

If you can promote 📢 Dataway by referring and recruiting more subscribers to them, including your families and friends + your social media friends and followers, you will get more benefits as follows:

1️⃣ Access to affiliate system with a huge 50% referral commission.😲

2️⃣ You will get ₦1000 commission + extra 1GB data on each subscriber you referred to Dataway.

3️⃣ Access to ₦1000 + 1GB data bonus per referral.

4️⃣ Access to top referral monthly cash bonus between ₦10,000 to ₦100,000.

5️⃣ In fact, when people you refer to Dataway renew their subscription, you will get another extra 1GB data bonus again.

Wow 😲😋 Those are about 10 amazing benefits of subscribing to Dataway.

Now imagine getting ₦10,000 cash + 10GB data bonus daily by referring 10 subscribers to Dataway. 🤔 You could be making over ₦100,000 monthly by working with Dataway

All required is just ₦2000 data subscription which you will also get the value for with other benefits with instant cashout.

Dataway business is 100% legit with a registered licensed company and physical offices and outlets in different locations. Not a Ponzi scheme or investment platform that people lose money.

On this one, you and whoever you referred will get value for your money including other amazing benefits you cannot find somewhere else.

Register with this link 👉Dataway


Dataway is not for only MTN users. If you don’t use MTN, you can resell your allocated data to mtn users like me, because I am buying. Otherwise, you can start using MTN. So far, MTN still offers the best services and more value with affordable data subscriptions.

Dataway monthly subscription renew is optional. But when you stay active and renew your subscription, you will keep getting value attached while you boost your chances of getting more rewards.

✅Even if you have no active subscription, you can still buy data and other products directly on the website or via their WhatsApp contact.

Dataway offers the lowest pricing on MTN SME Data directly from MTN company. From 500MB for just ₦150, and 1GB for just ₦250 to 10GB for just ₦2500 with 30 days validity.

So what are you waiting for??

After registration to transfer your 2000MB to your MTN Number, from the Dashboard click on “Make Data Dequest” and select SME02–2GB — #500–30days, add the recipient number, and submit.

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