Robot trading crypto by Royal Q

Do you rely on salary to make a living? If you do, how has it been helping you so far? Don’t get me wrong I started making a living as a salary earner…

But ask yourself, what happens when the work stops? What is going to happen when your company is no longer profitable?

Are you guaranteed you won’t be among those that will be relieved from work? I know this sounds bad, but that’s the reality of things now.

Do you know what’s even worst?

Earning money in NAIRA… I mean I don’t have to tell you that the state of NAIRA is critically CRITICAL.

So the same value of N100,000 is rapidly getting closer to N10,000 so people’s SALARY is rapidly declining in value but people don’t know.

Sincerely I would love to share with you a new means people have been able to get out of poverty through Cryptocurrency trading using A.I (Artificial Intelligence) Robot.

This A.I Robot is called Royal Q. It trades cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) on your behalf for everyday non-stop.

Your profit drops everyday so far the Robot keeps trading for you. This continues for 24/7 and you have total control because you’re in CHARGE.

You have 100% control of Your Money, so there’s nothing to worry about.

I know this might not be too easy to GRAB. But don’t worry there a ZOOM meeting to put you through the process and how to get started using this platform.

There’s a detailed comprehensive ZOOM meeting held daily that is going to show you the Nitti gritty, IN and OUT on how the bot works.
Especially for those with little experience or a complete beginner!

Do you know what’s even amazing? I mean seriously AMAZING?

There’s an additional passive income plan for those interested in the company Networking Marketing plan.

You get to make money every day when you referred someone to the company and also make additional money when those you referred refer someone also to use the A.I BOT.

Here’s What You Should Know about the Company (Royal Q Bot Trader)

Below are reasons why you’re in total control of your money and why the company is best at what they do.

#1 Is Your Money SAFE?
The answer is yes, your money is safe because you don’t have to deposit your trade capital in Royal Q.
The only thing you have to do is to deposit your money in BINANCE or HUOBI account (USDT Wallet) then link the bot to your BINANCE or HUOBI account.

In Royal Q you can make a trading profit of 0.1%-10% in a day even more profit from your capital
BINANCE or HUOBI allows Royal Q to connect to API to read and carry out a trade. NOTE BINANCE or HUOBI exiting API is blocked as such Royal Q can’t steal your asset in BINANCE or HUOBI.

Royal Q robot makes profitable buying and selling of dollars in your exchange account.

#2. API Binding or Integration with Binance and Huobi Exchange
Your principal money and profit are in your Binance or Huobi exchange account. The principal trading fund will be in your USDT wallet, while the profit drops to the coin wallet you’re trading automatically.

Referral income can be withdrawn immediately and withdrawals are processed in seconds. So there’s nothing to be scared of.

#3. SIX (6) Years of Crypto Investment Experience
The company has 6 years of cryptocurrency investment experience, 4 years of qualitative strategy research, and 3 years of exchange system development and maintenance experience.

The self-operated technical team focuses on blockchain for best product, qualitative strategies, and users experience/benefit.

#4. Multilingual Support
It comes in different languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Russian and it’s applicable to different counties of the world.
24/7 hours online customer service and multi-lingual support to solve users’ problems in real-time.

#5. Available on Google Play Store
The royal q is Google play and IOS supported. One click download and install. It comes with High bandwidths and with regular updates for the app.
All done to make users experience better and easy to navigate within the app.

#6. Trading DEAL
80% profit for users and 20% for royal q brokers.

Currently, we want to build a team where everybody is going to benefit from this platform.
If you want to make money trading or serious-minded networker who can refer people and build their team is all welcome.
We’ll make sure everyone is successful within the network and also help grow the individual network.

NOTE, the BOT requires a minimum of $120 (USDT) for activation $20 for the trading fee, and any amount to trade within your Binance account.
Below are screenshots of live income you could be making today when you register and activate your account.

If you’re interested, Click Here To Join Now

Below are screenshots of live income you could be making today when you register and activate your account.



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