Royal Q Is The Online ATM —how to make the best use of the Royal Q App and Binance to give you some financial freedom

Welcome to my Blog where I will show you how to make the best use of the Royal Q App and Binance to give you some financial freedom.

If you’re here, you’ve heard about or know about these two Apps.

What’s a Passive Income?

The Online ATM

What’s Royal Q and how does it work?

A usual cryptotrader would be glued to a computer, monitoring the market and making decisions based on how the market turns. The bot will monitor the market for you and make the decisions and take action on your behalf.

For example, if the price of a coin goes up by 1.3% the bot will get ready to sell the coin. It waits for it to go up further and as soon as it comes down by 0.3%, it will sell and generate your profit.

If the coin value goes down, the bot will purchase more coins and average down the price and hold until the market goes up again. Averaging down involves investing additional amounts in a financial instrument or asset if it declines significantly in price after the original investment is made

The bot never sells at a loss. If it sells, it always sells at a profit.

Why do I need Binance?

Download and install it here.

Is Royal Q risky?

Reason? The app connects to your cryptocurrency exchange account via an API that has limited permissions. The app can see what coins you have, and it can perform trades with your coins. That’s all it can do. It can’t withdraw the coins from your wallet.

Does it need a big investment?

How much does this cost?

You will need to spend $120 to activate the bot for one year, and maybe another $20–30 as gas or fuel money, and you need to keep a minimum of $100 in your wallet to allow the bot to do trades. Most people start off small and get a feel of it.

What does gas or fuel mean? That’s the commission that the bot developers charge you. They take 20% from your profit. But remember I told you that they can’t take money from your wallet? That’s why you keep a deposit (gas) with them, which powers the bot.

Let’s say you sell coins worth $20.50 with a profit of $0.50. All of those coins will be converted into USDT tokens and nothing will leave your exchange wallet. The bot is entitled to 20% of the profit which equals to $0.10. That amount will be deducted from your deposit as gas. After a couple of weeks of trading and generating profits, you can top-up your gas fund.

What’s the catch?

Also remember that the prices / values of cryptocurrency coins are determined by the market. Your asset value will go up and down. Don’t mind the short-terms changes in value, and don’t panic. Let the bot do its job and it will generate profits. As of this writing, a single bitcoin is $49,000 and is predicted to reach $75,000 to $100,000 by the end of 2021. Alt coins (coins other than the big ones) generally go up in value with the big ones.

What is P2P transfer in Binance?

It’s an escrow based (therefore safe) way for you to buy USDT from a local person, pay him or her via a local bank transfer, and get the USDT released to your account. The whole process takes about 5–10 mins.

Is it safe? yes, because it’s escrow based. What that means is that Binance will act as the trusted third party. When you click on Buy, the coins are locked in escrow. If the seller takes your money but doesn’t release the USDT, you show the bank transfer evidence to Binance and they release the coins from escrow into your account.

How do I Cash Out my profits or investment?

Or you can put a sell order in the P2P section by clicking on Orders.

Eitherway, you get local currency deposited into your account, and you release the USDT coins via Binance. Exact reverse of what you did when you put money in.

Interested? Great! Here’s 10 easy steps to follow

Step 1: Register on Royal Q — It’s Free!

Step 2: Download and Install the App on your smartphone

Step 3: Download and Register on Binance — It’s Free too!

Step 4: Do your intermediate verification on Binance

Are you ready to Commit?

I know that this is tempting, but always start small. You are not used to the platform and you want to try it out. So start with $500. Let it run for a week or two, so that you understand how it works and what it can do. Then, if you’re happy, put in more money.

Words of wisdom from a seasoned trader

Step 5: Buy your first coins — USDT

When we trade, what we do is to pay with USDT and buy coin X, and sell coin X and get USDT. Difference in your purchase price and sales price is your profit.

If you live in a country where it’s illegal to buy cryptocurrency by using a credit and debit card, the easiest way to buy crypto is to use the P2P option in Binance.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to P2P or the funding wallet and click on USDT and browse the BUY offerings.
  2. Find a deal that you like, and make sure it shows as accepting bank transfers, enter the amount you want to spend, and press Buy.
  3. Those crypto coins are now locked by Binance. You now have 10–15 mins to do the money transfer to the seller’s bank account (shown in Binance) via your online banking platform
  4. Once you transfer the money, come back to Binance / P2P, and mark your transaction as Paid.
  5. The seller will then get a notification to release the crypto to your wallet.
  6. Few minutes later, the coins will be in your P2P / Funding wallet
  7. Click on Transfer, and transfer your USDT to your spot wallet. That’s the wallet that we use for trading.

Step 6: Transfer 150 USDT to Royal Q

  1. Open the Royal Q app and go to the mine tab, and click on Asset.
  2. Click on Deposit
  3. Press on Copy Address to copy the address of this wallet. This is the address to which we will transfer money from Binance.
  4. Now go to Binance, go the Spot wallet, and click on USDT.
  5. At the bottom, click on the yellow Withdrawal button.
  6. In Address, paste the address that we copied from Royal Q (do NOT try to type this in. Copy and paste or use the QR code — if you enter a wrong address, you can’t get your money back). In Network, it will automatically select TRC20, then enter the amount as 150 USDT and press on Withdrawal.
  7. You will then be asked to enter your credentials, based on how you have setup Binance security (it’s good if you put mobile, email, and google authenticator all together).
  8. That’s it. The coins are now on their way. Check the Royal Q App -> Mine -> Asset in a few minutes, and your 150 USDT should be there. It can take 1–5 minutes.

Step 7: Activate the License / Professional Edition

  1. At the top, enable professional mode.
  2. Then above that, you will see a yellow / orange bar called VIP with an Activate button. Click that and go through the steps.
  3. It will deduct 120 USDT from your asset wallet and activate your account..

Congratulations, you are now a V1 level VIP member

Step 8: Bind Royal Q to the Binance API

  1. Go to Binance. In tab 1 which is labeled as Home, you will see two rows of icons. Click on the last one (More)
  2. Scroll all the way down and click on API Management.
  3. Enter the name (eg: royalq) and click on Create API
  4. It will then ask you to authenticate your login.
  5. Your API instance will then be created. Press on Copy to get the API key and save it somewhere
  6. Then press on EDIT.
  7. Copy the Secret key and save it somewhere too.
  8. Scroll down and click and enable “Enable Spot & Margin Trading”. Enable Reading will be enabled by default. Do not enable any of the other permissions.
  9. Now go to Royal Q -> Mine -> API Binding
  10. Click on Binance
  11. Then enter the API Key and the Secret Key that you noted down, and copy the IP addresses that they show.
  12. Switch back to Binance, and under IP access restrictions, click on restrict access and paste the IP addresses from Royal Q. Scroll a little up and click on SAVE.
  13. Switch back to Royal Q and confirm / save
  14. The App should now be linked.

Consider before you move to step 9: If you have $500 in your Binance wallet, don’t buy into multiple coins / strategies, thinking that each investment is 10 USDT, so I can buy 50, right? Wrong. You need to have $250 to $300 to finance the trades on a single $10 coin. you need the balance as a buffer in case the prices drop. The bot should be able to use the balance USDT to purchase more coins and dollar average down, so that it can generate a profit for you. (Watch the video above for full details)

Words of wisdom from a seasoned trader

Step 9A (optional): Sync to a Circle Master

What that means is that he will set the investment strategy and sync with your account. He will manage all of the settings, based on his tried and tested methods. In return, we pay him between 0.5% to 1.5% of profit, which is known as the strategy fee.

  1. Go to Royal Q and select the Circle tab
  2. Find one that you like (we recommend either CryptoBull or QQ Circle for larger investments, or CryptoCalf for smaller investments under $1000)
  3. Click on Apply to Join
  4. Then click on the Strategy section, scroll down, and click on Synchronize
  5. Based on your investment, you will need to enter your starting numbers here.
  • for a $100 investment via CryptoCalf, your settings would be 10 USDT, 1 coin, disable Opening Doubled
  • for a $880 to $1000 investment on CryptoBull, you would put 10 USDT, 4 strategies (coins), and enable Opening Doubled
  • if you check in the Circle, you will see posts explaining how to select these values based on your investment.
  1. You can change the strategy values anytime you wish (example, when you invest more money.)
  • Go to Mine, My sync strategy
  • Press on Cancel sync.
  • Press Sync again, and then enter your new values.

Step 9B (optional): Manually start a coin

  • Don’t fiddle with the settings unless you know what you’re doing
  • Don’t select a high value coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What you do is, go to your Royal Q app, and click on the second tab — Quantitative. This will show you the coins that the bot can trade with.

Choose the coin you like and click on it. Then click on Trade Settings and have a look at the basic settings but don’t change anything (unless you know what you are doing) and click Save. The basic setting will be for 10 USDT to be invested. If you are happy with those, click on Start.

The bot will then purchase the coin and start the monitoring and trading.

Step 10: Sit back and Relax

Here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way.

  1. some research
  2. change the trade settings
  3. be greedy
  • The first buy starts at 10 USDT. Don’t increase that to a 100, just because you have 500 in your wallet. if you want to run just a single strategy (coin) with a $100 buy in, you need to have minimum $2200 to $2500 in your wallet.
  • Start small. Get a feel for it. Experience the ups and downs.
  • Increase your investment gradually.
  1. sell via Binance, what was bought via the bot.
  • Royal Q has limited access to your wallet so it doesn’t see everything.
  • If it buys 100 coins of ATA, it records that in it’s own database on the cloud.
  • If you then go to Binance and sell 30 of those coins, Royal Q doesn’t know that.
  • If it tries to do a trade with 100 coins that it thinks it still has, the system will get messed up.
  • In the same example, the bot bought 100 coins of ATA. You also bought 80 coins of ATA via Binance and sold 20 or 50 or 80 of it later. That’s fine — but don’t touch the coins bought by the bot.
  1. panic when the markets fluctuate.
  • Sometimes, the markets can come down and values can decrease.
  • When (not if) that happens, don’t panic and try to sell your coins.
  • If the values come down, the bot will buy more coins, average down the cost, and sell it when the prices rise again.
  • As I said before, think of this as a long term investment.

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