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Are you looking for a Royal Q Robot review? Are you looking to Bind the Royal Q with Binance Account? Know all about the crypto trading AI system from here.

Royal Q Robot is an AI system, built on the idea of making a profit while you are not actively looking at the crypto market. As there are too many Automated Crypto trading bots available in the market, it is viable to question the authenticity of the Royal Q Robot.

Recently, a lot of people have shared their crypto success stories and reviews on Royal Q Robot — but certain confusions still exist for most people, especially those who have just begin their career in Crypto trading.

So, here in this review, we will give you a detailed outlook towards Royal Q Robot — not just how it works, but its features, advantages and disadvantages and finally, if it is a scam or not.

What Is Royal Q Robot? Know All About The AI Trading System

According to the official Royal Q website, this robot is an AI-enabled trading system that makes the trade when you are not active. In other words, Royal Q does certain calculative analyses using its algorithm and trading histories to provide you with a risk-free crypto trading experience.

Royal Q can be integrated with your Binance and Huobi account with a commission of 20%. This means that each time you make a profitable trade through Royal Q, they will take 20% of the profit, while you will take home the 80%.

Royal Q bots use API or the Application programming interface to merge with your crypto account. This replaces the need for human judgments while making trades and 100% attention towards the market 24/7.

With Royal Q Robot, you will hire a crypto trading expert that can use the software’s analytical skills to buy currencies at a lower price and sell them at a higher price afterwards.

Who Developed Royal Q Bot? Details About The Company!

So far, we know that the AI bot was developed in China and owned by a China-based Company — no names have been shared on their website.

However, they have shared the intro of their Quantitative team, which includes the following 3 sectors:


With 4 years of expertise in developing quantitative crypto trading strategies, the team focuses on AI quantitative trading.


With 6 years of industry investment experience and 3 years of system development and operations management — the Royal Q team is trying to optimize the security of digital currency trading and digital asset management.


Each member of the technical team is self-operated and works 24/7 on updates and maintenance. They also develop strategies according to the changing market to offer customers the maximum benefits from the quantitative transactions.

How Royal Q Bot works And Why It Can Be Useful to You?

Firstly, the user needs to open a Royal Q account (which we will discuss later) and merge it with their Binance and Huobi account.

Royal Q reduces the market volatility by assessing the market based on historical data.

5 things make Royal Q stand apart from the others -

Easy-to-use interface

Revenue sharing program

Great referral system

Low commission

One-time activation fees

Apart from these 5, some of the top features of Royal Q are, (as found on their official website)

Why Do You Need Royal Q Robot?

It Is Simple To Use:

With Royal Q bot, all the users have to do is integrate their Huobi and Binance accounts and choose the corresponding currency and strategy. After this, the AI will scout the Crypto trading market to choose fool-proof trading options that will match your criteria.

Real-Time Strategy:

The best part of Royal Q is that you may adjust your trading niches anytime you want.

For example, at the start, you might want to start low (recommended), but as you keep on getting the 80% of the profits, you should think ahead. Now as your base is built, you may want to invest some more within the same or different currency. So, all you have to do is to change your settings and Royal Q AI will start following the new preferences accordingly.

Quantitative Trading Strategy:

As soon as your preferences are put in, the Royal Q platform will employ its bots to find the perfect trade for you — and will keep on doing that until you change the settings (as mentioned on the pint above). [ 2]

There are several types of Quantitative trading available, but the 3 most popular ones are -

Trend trading (Used by Royal Q)

Cross-platform brick moving

Hedging transaction

Royal Q Robot Rewards Program? V1 to V6 Explained!

Apart from crypto trading, you may earn real cash from Royal Q by participating in the Royal Q Rewards program.

To be eligible for this, all you have to do is to refer others to complete the registration with Royal Q and open an account.

The rewards program has 6 tiers and goes like this — V1:


Rewards V2: Requirements: Rewards: V3: Requirements: Rewards: V4: Requirements: Rewards: V5: Requirements: Rewards: V6: Requirements: Rewards:

Get Started With Royal Q: How To Register And Start Earning With RoyalQ?

Royal Q Registration Process

The first step is to create your Royal Q Account and to do that, you have to provide your email ID. Soon you will get a verification mail with a link from the Royal Q team. After clicking on the link, Click Here To download the Royal Q official app.

Activate And Make The deposit With Royal Q Robot

After logging into the Royal Q application, you need to activate it by clicking on the “Mine” option. After that, you will be asked to deposit 120USDT (One-time activation fees).

After this is done, you need to connect your Binance or Huobi account with Royal Q.

How to Integrate or Bind Royal Q With Binance.

Integrating your Binance account with Royal Q is easier than it sounds.

To integrate your Binance account with Royal Q, do the following:

  • Log into your Binance account
  • Select OTHERS and then API MANAGEMENT
  • Create API Key by renaming it and then select the CREATE option
  • Paste Royal Q IP Address below and select CONFIRM
  • Copy your API and Secret Keys

As we are done with Binance, you need to go back to your Royal Q account and the following:

So, if we are to summarize the process, you will have to go through the following steps to earn profits from Royal Q:

How Does The Royal Q Trade Setting Work?

Before making the trade through Royal Q AI robots, you must select a pair and configure the trade settings in the App and bind it with Binance.

If you want to make a profit through Royal Q, you must do the trade set right — as it only pairs with the capital you have chosen.

For example, a trade setting of USD 150 will be different from a trade setting of USD 1500.

After opening the trade Royal Q App’s setting page, you will see the following options:

First Buy-In Amount:

This signifies the amount you need to start crypto trading depending on your capital. The First Buy-In amount should be roughly 10–15% of your capital. For example, if your capital is USD 200, the First Buy-In amount should be around USD 20–25.

Open Position Doubles:

This means that whenever you will enter a market, the buying amount will be doubled. For example, if your First Buy-In amount was USD 20–25, now it will increase by two times i.e. USD 40–50.

Margin Call Limit:

Margin call limit is about restricting the bot to buy when the market suddenly goes down.

To do this right, you must understand the DCA or the Dollar Cost Averaging.

The rule is simple — apart from putting your total capital at once, you will do it in small instalments. This will help you to recover from sudden market downturns.

Whole Position Take Profit Ratio

After entering the trade, you must position your bot at a profitable position i.e. around 1.3% to take profit from you. Whenever the set parameter is reached, the bot will make the sell — and you may change the parameter anytime you want.

Whole Position Take Profit Callback

This is quite similar to the last trade setting — the only difference is that it doesn’t make the sell as soon as the parameter is reached.

The bot will make the sell whenever there will be a slight decrease and the parameter is reached at the same time.

Margin Configuration

The margin is here to show the DEEP you will be buying whenever the parameter falls.

For example, if your capital is USD 200, and the First Buy-In amount is USD 20, you may use 4 margin calls.

Imagine a scenario where the first margin call is set at 3.5% and the multiple Buy-In ratios is 1. In that case, the bot will buy 1 time of your First Buy-In amount i.e. USD 20 as soon as the coin price falls by 3.5%.

Similarly, if the coin price falls by 4% (2nd margin call), the bot will buy 2 times the First Buy-In amount i.e. USD 20 *2 = USD 40 — and will go on like this.

Royal Q Automated Crypto Trading: Pros And Cons

Before you register and download the Royal Q application to begin trading, consider the following Pros and Cons:


  • The platform is active 24/7/365
  • Royal Q offers best-in-class security for the transactions
  • Trade via mathematics/logic — fewer chances of human error
  • Easy to use for the beginners


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Should We Trust The Royal Q Robot? Or Is This Another Scam?

As Royal Q is integrated with Binance and Huobi, we can say that they are trustworthy and NOT A SCAM. The bots work with your Binance and Huobi account and there are no direct investments.

However, the website hasn’t mentioned anything about its developers, like names or social media profiles. So, far we only know that the company is based in China — so consider doing more background checks before registering.

Royal Q Robots Reviews: Are The Customers Happy?

Royal Q hasn’t shared any customer reviews on its official website. However, we have thoroughly searched the internet and have found the Royal Q review and several YouTube reviews. All of the YouTube reviews were done by Crypto experts and all of them have shared their positive outlook towards Royal Q Robots.

Royal Q Robots: Our Final Verdict

At last, we only have positive things to say about Royal Q Robots (not neglecting the cons). The best thing about Royal Q is their registration fees. While some of the other AI Crypto trading platforms charge around USD 100–150/mo, Royal Q charges only a one-time fee i.e. 120USDT.

So, if you are new in Crypto trading and looking for ways to make passive income with lower investments, Royal Q Robots can be a good start for you.

Royal Q Robots: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to trade through Royal Q?

A: Royal Q can only take reading and trading permissions from your Binance and Huobi account — and not any transactional authorities — so it is safe.

Can Indians use Royal Q?

A: Yes, they can. Royal Q Indian YouTube channel has Hindi tutorial videos as well.

Does it integrate with any other Crypto exchanges?

A: No, Royal Q can only be integrated with Binance and Huobi.

Does Royal Q offer Customer support?

A: Yes, you may get in touch with them through Royal Q Feedback or join them on Telegram.



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