The Truth About Royal Q and How to Bind Royal Q to Binance Account through API Management| Full step by Step Procedures

Newbies in the cryptocurrency industry, move closer let’s talk. First know this: Cryptocurrency is not a get rich quick scheme and knowing that simple truth will save you a lot of stress, time, and most importantly your money. Stop letting yourself be deceived by marketers seeking to make referral commissions off you. By the way, there’s nothing sinister about affiliate marketing and earning referral commissions — it’s awesome.

The problem is marketers who trick people into buying or subscribing to crypto products without enlightening you about the dark side of it choosing only to highlight the positives. And on this note, we will begin this Royal Q review.

Royal Q bot has since swept across the internet verse, thanks to marketers forcing it down the throats of the naïve as the next best thing after morning sex.

Now let’s be clear — This review is not to defame the Royal Q Bot. In fact, in the next subheading, I’ll teach you how to get started with the bot.

So yes, I like Royal Q Bot. My grouch is with the fans and referral-commission-chasing marketers of the Royal Q bot who overhype the software in a bid to get new sign-ups

That’s why this review will help clear out the untruths and give you a comprehensive but easy guideline on how to set the bot and use it right. Like every trading software out there, it has its pros and cons but if set right can be a source of consistent passive income.

Quick Overview about the Royal Q Bot

Usually, anyone can do that manually but it’s stressful since you will have to monitor crypto charts all day to know when BTC is down so you buy and then sell when it goes up.

Many times I’m too lazy for this sort of hard work…lol. That’s why I need the help of the bot. Sometimes people also buy on impulse without proper research.

Royal Q Bot is the solution to these human vulnerabilities. The bots connect with your Binance account or Huobi account to start trading for you with the capital you already deposited in your Binance or Huobi account and trading is all it does; it does not have access to withdraw your capital.

The bot trades without emotions (no irrational decisions) using huge historical data and mathematical principles to make high probability selections that can help maximize your portfolio. But it has its merits and demerits.

What you need:

Money: Compulsory yearly fee: $120; Gas (network charges): $20; Trading Capital: $10 and above (although I recommend at least $100, more is always better, I started with $300)

Total: $240 ($140 in yearly fees and gas + $100 trading capital)

Why do I like the robot?

– Security: It does not have access to withdraw my trading capital, can only trade.

– It can trade with low capital as little as $10 although for maximum benefit I’ll recommend having a trading capital (on Binance or Huobi) of at least $100 -$500

– It’s cheap: It costs $120 (+ gas fees charged by the network) to activate and use the bot yearly.

Do I recommend the Royal Q bot? I do. I’ve been making profits on it for a while too. But in the interest of complete transparency, there are others points you need to note before signing up for the Royal Q Bot.

Areas I don’t particularly like but can live with it

– The customer service can be better. It’s not a major concern for me because the bot does what it’s supposed to do. I’ve honestly enjoyed using it so far.

Other points to note

You can check the chart at or to see if a currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) is trending up or down against the dollar (USDT). Always good to buy low. This point is not a disadvantage just including it in this section because it’s an extra step and many are too lazy to carry out this simple extra step that could increase your profits.

– Floating loss: Can I lose money using Royal Q Bot? It’s not a yes or a no. Technically, the Royal Q bot cannot experience a loss. But that doesn’t mean it’s profit all the way.

Sometimes it can experience a floating loss. I have explained what that means with an example in the video above. If the value of BTC was $40 k when you opened a trade using the bot, 20 minutes later the market value of BTC could drop to $39, 995. This is a floating loss but your trade is still open so it’s not an actual loss until you close the trade. But Royal Q bot is designed not to close the trade at a loss so it leaves it open until the value of BTC goes higher than the purchase price and the bot can sell at a profit.

But sometimes the market is not friendly. I’ve had situations where I was stuck in a trade for days because I didn’t want to close the trade at a loss.

So the summary is this, the profit made by the bots could be affected/reduced when the market is bad. So yeah…it’s not all roses and sunshine. But also not the fault of the Royal Q bot. In situations like this, if you fear the market will keep crashing, the bot allows you to close your trade manually.

I totally recommend the Royal Q bot. It’s efficient and does what it promises to do. Learn how to get started below

How to Bind Royal Q to Binance Account through API Management| Full Procedure step by Step

Open your Binance account then click More → Others → API Management
Create API by writing “ROYAL Q” and then click on the create button.
After that click edits and configures the API’s constraints.

The only boxes you’ll tick are “Enable Reading” and “Enable Spot & Margin Trading.” The rest of the boxes will remain unticked. (The robot’s access to your trading account and funds is restricted with these settings. This means your funds are protected! The only thing it can do is trade with the USDT you have in your wallet)

Copy your API key and the secret key from the page

Go over to the Royal Q app and click API binding → Binance and then paste it

Choose Binance, copy and paste the keys

(watch the video for full details)

Voila! Your account is now operational and ready to trade for you

To begin trading, go to the app’s home page and scroll down until you find Quantitative.

Make sure that you have some usdt in your Binance account and if not then deposit it so that the bot can trade from it. $1000-$2000 will be very ideal to start, even you can start with $100. But it totally depends on you.

Pros and Cons of the Royal Q Trading Bot

  1. On the exchange website, your funds are secure.
  2. You can effortlessly trade without being affected by emotions.

1. Robots aren’t flawless

2. There could be mistakes in the programming

3. You shouldn’t expect to make money right now


Cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, with prices fluctuating dramatically even within minutes

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