What do you know about Royal Q?-Does Royal Q Give Higher ‘Returns’ OR ‘Risks’ For Crypto Traders? LETS FIND OUT!

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You have just been introduced to Royal Q by a friend or acquaintance, and you are wondering, if it’s just another scam or if it’s safe to trade Cryptocurrency or link your Binance account with this new Chinese platform. Your fear is actually valid; behind the glowing reviews pushed by referral marketers, there are always some hidden secrets or dark truths you should know.

Well, I had my own share of doubts about Royal Q at the beginning. To be sincere, I didn’t take it seriously because I was introduced through the MLM or referral programme. I felt it was a scam and whoever was introducing me to this platform did not have my interest at heart. He only wanted me to join so that he could make his money. But then, my partner and I were having a conversation on Cryptocurrency and somehow Royal Q came up. I asked a few questions and got answers that convinced me that automated trade was better than manual trade.

For those who are wary or who feel that RoyalQ is a scam, I have created this video review based on my own experience and that of many others to help you understand better. watch it below.

What is RoyalQ?

Royal Q is the new generation trader. It is a super-intelligent application owned by the Chinese, which executes automatic intelligent trading, real-time monitoring, and tracking of big data algorithms while adjusting real-time markets conditions. This software monitors the markets 24/7.

As an investor, you evaluate the market using both technical analysis (price and volume) and fundamental analysis (responding to information and news developments about companies, industries, and the broader macroeconomic sentiment. Investors and traders assess market conditions and buy or sell assets accordingly, based on how they think the factors at play will affect prices) the app was designed to help those with little Cryptocurrency knowledge or those who do not have the skills to perform technical or fundamental analysis (like myself) and those who do not have the time to constantly monitor their trades. This App helps people like us make money from trading Cryptocurrency.

Why would you consider RoyalQ for trading Crypto over other automated trading apps or manual trading?

We need an app like RoyalQ since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in price and can suddenly plummet in value wiping out traders and investors without warning.

Also with RoyalQ, you don’t need signals from the so-called trading experts who rely on technical and fundamental analysis because a bot that has been integrated with a set of commands will gather market data, interpret it, calculate the potential market risk, and execute buying or selling crypto assets for you.

How do you make money on RoyalQ?

Basically, there are two ways of making money through Royal Q:
Through trading– one of the ways you can make money on RoyalQ is when the robot uses the fund in your USDT wallet to trade on your behalf. Based on your profit setting, you can earn up to 5–10% income on a daily basis.

A good trading strategy can give you this. This person is trading with 1000 dollars. (His initial capital was $100.) The higher the capital, the higher the ROI.

For instance, I don’t realize such profit because I am trading with only $15 dollars.

Through MLMRoyal Q has a very generous multilevel marketing system, and also a referral marketing programme from which it rewards members. When new members sign up using your referral code, you earn a certain amount. There are about 6 levels users can attain on the MLM rank scheme.

The First Level is referred to as the V1.

At this level, you’ll get to earn a $30 instant commission on everyone you referred and also a 20% team reward.

The Second Level is referred to as the V2.

To attain this level, you need to personally refer at least three V1 and 20 team members directly by you or indirectly referred by your direct downline. That is the users you’ve registered.

At this level, you’ll get a $40 direct referral bonus and a 30% reward bonus from your team members and a 5% commission from new members who activate their accounts through your downlines. You can make a minimum of 25 dollars daily from the effort of your team.

The Third Level is referred to as the V3.

This level gives you access to a $50 direct referral bonus and a 40% team reward. To get to this level, you need 5 direct referrals, three V2 members from your team, and totality of 100 team members. And at this level, you’ll get a 5% commission from your direct downline when they bring someone who activates his account upon registering.

The Fourth Level is referred to as the V4.

This level gives you a direct referral bonus of $60 whenever you directly referred someone and a total of 50% team reward from trading profit. You will need 8 direct referrals, three V3, and a total team of 300 to attain this point. Then you’ll get an extra 5% commission when your direct downlines bring new members who activate their accounts.

The fifth level is referred to as the V5.

This level gives you a direct referral bonus of $65 whenever you directly referred someone and a 55% team reward from trading profit. Plus You will need 12 direct referrals, three V4lines, and a total team of 800 to attain this point or level. Plus you will earn a 5% commission when your direct downlines activate new members.

The last level on the Royal Q referral marketing program is the V6.

This is the highest level of the membership reward program. You will need 20 direct referrals, three V4 lines, and a total of 1500 team members to get to this level of the pyramid. This level gives you a direct referral bonus of $70, 60% team rewards, 5% peer award. In addition, you will be entitled to a Global 5% weighted dividend.

What I don’t like about the Royal Q trading App

Underneath the too good to be true facts about the app, there are about 5 odds or hidden secrets you should know before putting your money into it. And that is what this review is about.

Trading with the app is not free– To use the Royal Q app to trade digital currencies is not free. After registration, you will need to activate your annual subscription before you begin. The annual subscription fee is $120. Aside from this $120 subscription fee, you will need to pay $20 for fuel for the robot which needs to be topped up when it goes below $10 else the robot may not work well.

It only integrates with 2 exchange platforms– The trading app only integrates with Binance (the largest exchange market) and Huobi (the second largest) for now. If you are using other exchange platforms aside from Binance and Huobi, RoyalQ is not for you. If you already have Binance, you can download the RoyalQ Trading App here.

You can also make losses with the bots– I think you should be aware of this information before making your decision. Trading with the Royal Q bots does not keep you from losing, however, the kind of loss you will make is something called floating loss. Take for example you bought ethereum at a $100 value and the coin drops by 20%, which means you have a floating loss of $20 until the coin gain back the value.

So, how is this kind of loss better than the loss you made trading manually? This type of loss is better because if you leave it and it comes back in value, there’s no loss. But if you give the Bots the command to sell it inside the floating loss you’ve then incurred a real loss.

So, the only way you can make a real loss is if you close your trade by yourself and if the market revises against you 100%.

Profits are shared- This is another piece of information no one should keep from you. It’s important to have this knowledge as it will determine if you register on the app. Apart from paying a $120 annual subscription fee, profits made on the app are shared on a scale of 80/20 between you and the Royal Q team. It’s kind of an objection for me, but considering the money I could make from this app, there’s no wasting time.

You need 100 dollars and above to make profit. If you want to realize a reasonable amount of returns, you need to trade Cryptocurrency with at least 100 USD and above on the app. Anything lower than that will only make you cents. So don’t come thinking that when you trade with 10 or 15 dollars you will make profit.

What I like about the RoyalQ app

It is safe. When I was introduced to the app, the first question that came to my mind was the question of safety. Perhaps this is one of the questions that bother you. The RoyalQ app never stores your funds, Binance does. What the app does is; it executes the spot and margin trading of your Binance account through a secure API integration between the exchange and RoyalQ platform. The rest of the investments are within your control because the app has no control of your asset in Binance. Except for the funds in the USDT wallet that it uses for trading.

It is convenient. Another thing I like about the Royal Q app is that it is convenient. The app saves time and energy. You don’t need to fix your eyes all day on the chart waiting for signals or the right time to enter the market. The app saves you the trouble. So while you sleep or while you are at work, the system trades for you. The Royal Q trading bots can save you a lot of time.

Simplicity. I like the Royal Q trading app for its simplicity. It is simple and easy to operate. You only need to bind the Binance Exchange API or the Huobi API, select the corresponding strategy style, click a key to start and they can realize smart fool-style financial management. The system has been programmed to match the corresponding quantification strategy according to the market situation so that users can maximize their profit.

Quantitative Trading Strategy. Remember how you made a loss because of a wrong market prediction? Well, with the Royal Q app unprofessional judgments of Quantitative trading users’ trends are eliminated. The system has been programmed to use artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically match quantitative trading strategies that are suitable for the current market situation. With RoyalQ, the impact of market volatility on investor sentiment is reduced and irrational investment decisions are avoided when the market is extremely fanatical or pessimistic.

It saves labor costs. RoyalQ trading bots are more cost-effective than hiring human experts.
You can trade up to 50 PAIR of Coins per day. Another thing I like about the app is that there are enough coin pairs to trade. The Royal Q app allows you to trade up to 50 pairs of coins daily. That’s large, you agree.

Potential Income of 5–10% per day. Based on your profit setting and the performance of your team members, you can make 5 percent income daily or up to 10 percent.

Why you should Trade Cryptocurrency this week with RoyalQ

Because of the high or extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies which may lead to losses for investors if the trend goes against their predictions, Royal Q comes in handy. For instance, the dip that occurred in May/June 2021, might have been prevented if traders had used an automated trading system like RoyalQ instead of the manual trading system. Investors may have begun to recover from the crash as the markets have begun to go green again. RoyalQ was designed to prevent losses as the type of losses you can make with the app is only the float loss. So if you want to start making money, register now with this link.

How to register on the Royal Q Trading App

Beware of counterfeit fraud. Scammers have created an app that is exactly like Royal Q just to swindle traders off their investments. Be alert.

To register on the Royal Q trading app is free. You have to register an account first before you can download the app . Click Here To Register

First, Select location and confirm, enter email, select 6–12 digit password and confirm, click on send verification code.

Go to your email, copy the verification code and enter it. Enter the invitation code, click on the agreement policy and click on the Register button.

It will take you to the puzzle. Drag the slider to enter the puzzle.

Now your registration is complete. Login.

How to Activate the Royal Q Trading App

After you’ve login, you will need to activate the app to start trading cryptocurrency. To activate the app, go to ‘Mine’ at the extreme right-hand side below the footer.

Click on ‘Asset’, on the third row. There you will see ‘deposit’, ‘withdraw’, and ‘transfer’. Click on ‘deposit‘ to copy your Royal Q account USDT wallet address.

You can then send $120 (TRC-20) to the wallet address and click on activate in order to have your account activated.

Immediately after clicking activates, it will ask you to confirm your country, choose the right option and proceed.

Next, click on activate to activate the account.

How to link your Binance account with RoyalQ

Binding your Binance account with the Royal Q app is a long and difficult process so follow this procedure carefully. watch the video to the end for easy access.

First, log in to your Royal Q app, click on API binding, click on Binance option or Huobi if that’s the exchange app you want to bind.

Now switch to your Binance and log in. If you have not upgraded your Binance profile from basic to intermediate, you should do that before proceeding with the binding process. Click on the avatar icon, click on the yellow unverified button at the top right of the screen, swipe right from Basic to Intermediate and follow the verification process. If you have done that let’s proceed.

Click on More, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on API management. When you click on it, create API. Give your API any name, perhaps RoyalQ 1 as you can create up to 30 APIs. Click the Create API button.

After creating your API, the app direct you to another page. The security verification page. There are two ways to verify here: verification by email and by Google authenticator or phone number. For your email verification, click on Get code, go to your email, copy the verification code, switch back to Binance and enter the code.

Next, go to your Google authenticator and copy the 6 digit code if you are verifying by the Google authenticator app. If you are verifying through phone number, check your message. Click on Submit. At this point, you have successfully created your API.

The next task after the security verification is to copy the Secret key quickly from your Binance and go paste it on your Royal Q. After pasting the security key, go back to your Binance, copy the API key, swipe back to RoyalQ, and paste it.

On the API key-box scroll to the bottom and check the I have read the risk notice carefully.
Click on send on the verification code box, go to your email quickly and copy the verification code. Swipe back to your Royal Q and paste the code.

If you click on bind at this stage, you might get an error code that reads, “The API is invalid. Please check the transaction permission or IP address” if this error pops up, copy the IP address under IP group binding, go back to Binance, click on Edit, scroll down and click on Restrict access to trusted IPs only. Paste the IP address you copied on your Royal Q and confirm.

Scroll up and enable spot & margin trading, scroll up again and click on save.

After giving Binance the command to enable ‘spot and margin trading’, you will need to verify through Google authenticator or phone number again. Get the code Google authenticator or via SMS and paste on Binance, click on submit. Switch back to RoyalQ and click on Bind.
That’s it. You will receive a notification that you have successfully bounded your Binance with RoyalQ.

Create API.

You are all set to start trading cryptocurrency on Binance with Royal Q.


I hope this review helps. Royal Q makes cryptocurrency trading stress-free and fun. Take advantage of this great opportunity now. The company created the bot to make you money, utilize it. Maximize your coin per capital. Remember, the higher the capital the higher the profit. And lastly, your strategy also defines the profit you make.

So far, you have seen that the new Cryptocurrency trading app is worth all the hype. Start now by Clicking Here to register.



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